Friday, September 5, 2014

SABRE on FOX & Friends: The Benefits of Pepper Spray to Ward Off an Attack

New York, NY - We've all heard the numbers: 1 in 5 college women will be a victim of sexual assault on a college campus, and more than 10,000 students will be victims of burglary or aggravated assault every year.

On this segment of FOX & Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks with Personal Safety Expert David Nance about one option to help students feel empowered when it comes to their personal safety - pepper spray.

SABRE Red pepper spray provides protection at a safe distance, up to 10 feet away, giving a student in trouble the chance to get away and escape to safety. If used correctly, the attacker's eyes will automatically be forced closed. The SABRE Red formula contains 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids, which is the heat-bearing component to pepper spray. That makes SABRE Red products 67 times hotter than hot sauce!

In this video - David Nance instructs those planning to use pepper spray to do the following:

  • Unlock and arm your pepper spray
  • Give a verbal warning if you think it's necessary, but if you feel you are in immediate danger, you are permitted to use pepper spray
  • Place your thumb on the pepper spray so you have a better grip and DO NOT use your index finger to deploy the pepper spray
  • Aim for the eyes, spraying ear to ear across the attacker's ocular area
Watch this video for more helpful tips! 


Check out SABRE Red's YouTube channel for more informative videos, and visit us online to purchase your pepper spray today!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Campus Talk Magazine's Article Features SABRE and Safety Tips

September 3, 2014 - Campus Talk Magazine wants to help college students stay safe, and avoid falling victim to dangerous situations on campus. As we know, personal safety can often be at the bottom of a priority list filled with other concerns like new roommates, adjusting to dorm life, or football games.

But with September and October considered the highest crime rates of the year, often referred to by law enforcement as "The Red Zone," students need to be vigilant and take steps to protect themselves.

SABRE  was happy to provide Campus Talk Magazine with the following tips in their recent article "Don't Fall Victim":

1. Beware of the Red Zone as this is when the most injuries, accidents, and deaths occur
2. Always carry pepper gel in hand while walking alone 
3. Familiarize yourself with your campus before dark
4. Be Aware of your surroundings at all times, and out away technology
5. Take a college safety course 

For more details about these tips and life on a college campus, check out the Campus Talk Magazine online, and see the article here.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Do's and Don'ts

Happy Labor Day Weekend from SABRE! Many people will be throwing parties to see summer off, so we have safety tips to share whether you're a college student or a family about to take a weekend trip.

For those planning to attend weekend parties, here are some tips from RAINN
  1. DO go with a group of friends to a social gathering. Arrive together, check in with each other throughout the evening, and leave together. Knowing where you are and who is around you may help you to find a way out of a bad situation.
  2. DO Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe in any situation, go with your gut. If you see something suspicious, contact law enforcement immediately (local authorities can be reached by calling 911 in most areas of the U.S.).
  3. DON'T leave your drink unattended while talking, dancing, using the restroom, or making a phone call. If you’ve left your drink alone, just get a new one.
  4. DON'T accept drinks from people you don't know or trust. If you choose to accept a drink, go with the person to the bar to order it, watch it being poured, and carry it yourself. At parties, don’t drink from the punch bowls or other large, common open containers.
  5. DO watch out for your friends, and vice versa. If a friend seems out of it, is way too intoxicated for the amount of alcohol they’ve had, or is acting out of character, get him or her to a safe place immediately.
For those planning trips that will leave their homes unoccupied:

1. DO use a home security system to ensure you're home is protected. Check our what the SABRE home series has to offer here.
2. DON'T let your mail or newspapers pile up on your porch. Stop your mail or ask a neighbor to collect it for you.
3. DO Invest in a dog bowl or "Beware of Dog" sign - it can deter some criminals from targeting your home. 
4. DON'T cover your doors and windows on the first floor with trees or tall shrubbery. 50% of home intrusions happen through the first floor entry points, and if these access points are in plain sight, burglars are less likely to enter.
5. DO use light switch timers - again if it looks like someone is there, your home is less of a target.