Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! SABRE Safety Tips For You and Your Family

Happy Halloween! October 31st means different things for different people, but for most it means candy and costumes. At SABRE, it also signifies the end of National Crime Prevention Month. Today we're sharing tips from the National Crime Prevention Council that will help keep you and your family safe this Halloween.

To Keep Your Kids Safe While Out Trick-Or-Treating:
  • Older kids should trick-or-treat in groups - it's always safer, especially at night. 
  • Younger children should be accompanied by a parent or trusted neighbor.
  • Review the route for trick-or-treating beforehand and set a time for when kids should be home. Better yet? Have a plan in case your child gets separated from their friends, or from you.
  • Remind your children not to enter strange houses or cars.
To Make Sure You and Your Home Stays Safe During Halloween: 
  • Clear your yard and your sidewalk of any obstacles or decorations that may be hard to see in the dark.
  • Keep your house well lighted, both inside and out.
  • Ask your Neighborhood watch or local citizen's group to patrol your community.
  • Report any suspicious or criminal activity to your police or sheriff's department. 
Another way to help keep your home protected if you're out trick-or-treating or sleeping - invest in a basic home security system. SABRE's wireless and standalone alarms are cost effective, and will alert you, neighbors, and most importantly the intruder that someone is trying to enter your home who shouldn't be. Check out our home series products on our website.

You can also visit the National Crime Prevention Council website to get more free safety tips! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank You! NBCF Support and Our Mission To Keep Giving

The month of October is coming to an end, but our support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation will continue year round!

The past 30 days SABRE has been working with our partner, the NBCF, to spread awareness about early detection treatment and services. Both organizations have the same goal: empowering women to lead safe and healthy lives by giving them the necessary tools and education.

We'd like to thank you, our customers and followers who helped us in our mission; whether you purchased a pink pepper spray, or shared a post with your social media friends, you are helping to fund treatment programs that we know have helped more than 10,000 women. SABRE has donated $1 Million to the NBCF over the past few years, and we are looking forward to the future donations we'll be able to give.

As a reminder, here is a list of the resources and programs available through the National Breast Cancer Foundation that we've talked about during this October social media campaign:

To continue helping the NBCF, purchase a pink product from SABRE - a complete list can be found on our website!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fleet Feet Chicago & SABRE Present: Self-Defense Tips for Runners!

 CHICAGO, IL - The Chicago Marathon may have come and gone, but many are continuing to take advantage of the fall weather to get their work outs on in the outdoors. This time of year, running outside means taking extra precautions; whether that’s more stretching to prevent injuries due to the colder weather, or wearing reflective clothing since it’s getting darker earlier. But what about personal safety, are people taking precautions so they’re not vulnerable to an attack? The reality is many people have the “it will never happen to me” mindset, or they simply don’t know the best way to defend themselves. That’s why SABRE, the #1 brand of pepper spray trusted by police worldwide, is teaming up with Fleet Feet Sports in the Chicago area to empower runners who want to make personal safety a priority. Starting today, each Fleet Feet Sports store in Chicago will host a SABRE representative at “Chicks’ Night” events for a special safety presentation.

Fleet Feet Old Town – October 28th: Fun Run @ 6:30, Seminar @ 7:30 pm
Fleet Feet Lincoln Square – October 29th: Fun Run @ 6:30 pm, Seminar @ 7:30 pm
Fleet Feet South Loop – October 30th: Fun Run @ 6:30 pm, Seminar @ 8:00 pm

Women who attend the personal safety presentations will learn practical ways to defend themselves by discussing how body language plays a role in personal safety and how an attacker thinks about potential victims. Plus – see live demonstrations that will show the proper ways to use pepper spray! This presentation is part of SABRE’s Personal Safety Academy, which was created with the help of their elite law enforcement partners. The goal of the program is to teach people how to outsmart and discourage potential threats and provide protection techniques to help people escape safety. To date SABRE has over 400 certified instructors teaching this program around the country. To learn more about “Chicks’ Night” and the safety presentations hosted by SABRE, just visit the Fleet Feet Chicago website.